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Working From Home… the YEAH, RIGHT Edition

I have a lovely home office space that very rarely, if ever, gets used. Why? Because I have two wild and fun elementary school-aged boys, a newish puppy (a gorgeous lab!), a slightly more grown-up lab, and a partner who also works. My kiddos are very used to me working all sorts of wild and [...]
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The Coronavirus Has Nothing On Me

I’m sitting here in my living room, not worried at all about this coronavirus. The girls are running around laughing and playing, and my husband is on the couch next to me, laughing at memes on his phone. It’s just a typical weekend day for us. A normal day of survival mode. Another day of […]

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Working from Home 101

In my “other” gig, I’ve been on a virtual work team since 2016 (fun fact: my boss is 1100 miles away! I’ve worked for her 4 years and seen her maaaaaybe 10 times in real life! Hi Vicki!). I also did a short stint of working from home while caring for a sick kiddo, so […]

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Grocery Store Pick Up Tips

Hey! Do you have people living in your house? Do you work? Do you have practice, games, lessons, meetings, and etc.? Are you or someone in your home sick? Are you trying to stick to a food budget? Do you not have an hour or more to dedicate to in-store shopping? Do you just not […]

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Census 2020

Help Your Community: Complete the 2020 Census!

Starting this week, you’ll begin to hear a lot about the Census. You may wonder why or wonder what the big deal. As always, the Lubbock Mom’s Blog has you covered on why this seemingly mundane topic is vital to moms. What is the Census? The Census is a massive endeavor to count everyone living […]

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Coronavirus Real Talk: Small Business Perspective

  Can we have real talk about the coronavirus for a minute? Panic has swept the nation, the world. And for what? Runny nose, cough, fever, sore throat. Personally, I’ve had all of those symptoms for months. That’s the result of living in West Texas in the winter. But the panic from the media (not […]

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