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Rising to the Occasion

We went on a family vacation. We took this doll along with us in honor of our daughter that is not here. But, it still super sucks. Just because we have this doll and we are all smiling, doesn’t mean that we haven’t just cried. It doesn’t mean that my oldest isn’t squeezing my hand […]

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“Oh, you let her dress herself? Good for you!”

My five-year-old daughter, RAD, dresses herself. She learned to do this several years ago and has done it ever since. I remember the days of chasing a toddler with chubby cheeks around while simultaneously trying to pull her clothes on. What a wonderful change it was to be able to tell her to get dressed […]

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9 Lessons I Learned When I Had The Flu

Happy New Year! A new decade! A new year! A chance at new beginnings! Insert party hat emoji, blah de blah blah.  I hope your new year started with a bang! Mine did. A big old bang in the form of a Rocephin shot in the butt! Just a couple of days into this brand, […]

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I Don’t Bathe My Kid

Full disclosure! I don’t bathe my kid every day. In fact, I bath her once a week. Sometimes twice. Hear me out before you assume I am the proud mother of the stinky kid! My toddler has incredibly sensitive skin, so I tend to avoid just about anything extra that could go on her skin […]

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A Different Kind of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day seems to have a bad rap for some people. I hear how it’s been over-commercialized and is an important reminder of what you don’t have if you’re single or what all your exes did wrong if you’ve been hurt. And if you’re married, I hear how it becomes something you used to do […]

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2019: What LMB Means To Me

Lubbock Moms Blog is a community for parents, built by parents. Throughout our first year, we have had 25 writers join our team as regular contributors (and 6 dads make guest appearances!) and 13 members join as event specialists. These women (and some dads, too!) have dedicated much time, effort, and love to bring Lubbock […]

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Thanks for everything, Lubbock.

Lubbock Moms Blog: Top Posts of 2019

  2019 is the year Lubbock Moms Blog launched into the stratosphere: incredible growth, an outpouring of love and support, a community that parents needed, and partnerships with great local folks that believe in our mission. But, it all started with a blog. It all started with sharing our hearts as moms and giving a […]

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Medical Mamas

So I have a medically complex child, and because of that, I happen to run around with a motley crew of mothers of other medically complex and children with special needs. (We’re really fun at parties!) People tell us all the time, “You are so strong” or “We just don’t know how you do it” […]

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The Best Kind of Friend to Have

I’m a friendly person. I typically don’t have issues making friends. I can usually walk into a room and find someone I can talk to quickly without being overly awkward. I’d consider myself lucky in that regard. Even then, friendships are still hard. Childhood left me with somewhat of a bitter taste in my mouth […]

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The Ups and Downs

Burpees are the very worst. I don’t know if there is anyone out there who really enjoys burpees. I mean, I’m pretty sure whoever invented them has had some pretty mean things said in their name a time or two. But, unfortunately, I know all too well about burpees. And as much as I hate […]

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